Welcome to New Providence Presbyterian!

We are excited that you have decided to visit our website, and hope that it gives you a glimpse of our passion for the Gospel, and our dedication to serving Jesus Christ through worship, Bible study, fellowship, and mission activities.

Since our faith grows and matures most effectively in relationship with other believers, we invite you to come to New Providence in person, and to explore the opportunities that we offer to help you grow in your walk with the Lord.

Please, come as you are!

Fulltime Minister

For the month of September, we welcome two familiar faces to our pulpit. Rev. Betty Dax will be in the pulpit at New Providence each Sunday in September except for September 10 when we welcome Rev. Deb Klein. Both Rev. Dax and Rev. Klein have previously served New Providence as interim pastors.

We are delighted that Rev. Michael Snider has agreed to remain with us for the months of October through December. Rev. Snider is a native of Rockbridge Baths, and is a retired United Methodist Church minister.

The congregation of New Providence elected a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) at a congregational meeting held on February 26, 2017. The members of the PNC include Mary Lynn Brown, Doris Fredericksen (Chairman), Sandy McLaughlin, Milton Reid, and Michael Sandridge. They have begun the process of searching for a new full-time minister for New Providence.

Welcome to New Providence!